Start 2013 right: clean out all the Facebook/Twitter apps you don’t use.

I want to share a piece of advice with you to start 2013: consider auditing all the apps you have authorized on Facebook and Twitter.  I don’t want to cause unnecessary alarm, but it’s just something worth considering, and it takes two seconds. A little background:

Every time you sign up for a new website by hitting the “Sign Up With Facebook”/”Sign Up With Twitter” button, or every time you accept an invitation to try out a new app on Facebook, you are giving the app maker access to information from your profile, including your status updates, photos, likes, shared locations, etc. And long after you stop using that app, the app maker still has access to it. And what’s worrying is that you don’t know if they are continuing to access it.*

By removing/revoking access to the apps you don’t use, you can make sure that Random App Maker doesn’t have access to your tweets, status updates, etc, going-forward. And since we need to exercise increasing caution in what we share and with whom, it’s no bad thing to clean house periodically. Plus, it’s super easy. On Facebook, go here:

On Twitter, go here:

* A while back Facebook said it would be changing this policy to short-lived access period, but I haven’t seen any mention of it lately, so I don’t know what the story is.

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